Cheers to Healthy 2021

If there is one lesson to learn from this past Year, it is this.........Do not take your health of anything for granite.

There are a million microorganisms just waiting for the opportunity to take over you body. It is a delicate balance between Health and Disease, and it really comes down to decisions you make everyday. Yes, washing well and wearing a mask around others are a couple of simple things to do, but there are so many more ways to maintain a strong immune system for good health.

I'd like to share 5 really simple things to shoot for in 2021 in addition to washing and masking up. #1 Hydrate, this is key to many health issues. #2 Rest, your body can not reboot without this. #3 Move outdoors, for mental and physical wellness. #4 Fresh Produce, try to eat more raw produce for fiber, minerals and vitamins. #5 Enjoy the Ride, it's a short one, so love, laugh and have fun!

Sending lots of Love, Peace and Giggles for a Wonderful New Year !!!

Heidi ~ XOXO

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