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Forget the TP, Please get some C

Ok, so you have your supplies for the Quarantine. You have TP, you have frozen veggies and hand sanitizer, you even got flu and cold medicines, just in case. Way to go !

But.... Did you think about some vitamin supplements?

I am amazed by the amount of unnecessary things people are hording, yet the vitamins that can help support your immune system are not on many peoples list. If your body has what it needs for this fight it will take care of you. Give it lots of rest, water, fresh clean foods and Supplements. If you do nothing else, please get some Vitamin C and B complex. These are water soluble vitamins that are not stored in your body so they need to be replenished regularly. These are key for building you immune system and energy replenishment. Supplements are a great way to ensure that your body has what it needs to Fight for your well being. Best wishes for a healthy and happy life.

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