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A Pro Diet

I have been obsessed with my weight for as long as I can remember. I recently have come to terms with all of this nonsense. I decided that feeling good versus how much I weigh was the key. If you focus on feeling well, instead of looking perfect, you too may find that the weight balances itself.

With my experience and education, I have come to discover that weight management and health, not only go hand in hand, but are Much simpler than we make it to be. I live on a Pro Diet. It's more of a life style than a diet, and very simple really. It's a very basic way of eating that works.

PROduce and PROtein. I try not to eat many processed foods at all. I skip breads, crackers, dairy and bottled or boxed foods. I stick with Fresh, Organic produce, mainly vegetables and Clean Lean proteins, like organic chicken, fish and eggs. I eat raw nuts, and make homemade nut butters. I cook with good fats, like olive and coconut oil and, use Ghee on occasion. I also make sure to drink lots of fresh water and herbal teas.

This way of eating, has not only helped me loose 30 pounds, it's help me keep it off and feel Amazing ! I have loads more energy, while feeling balanced. I sleep so much better, and my skin hair and nails are much healthier as well. When I was eating a vegetarian diet, full of pasta and processed cabs, My hair was falling out, my nails didn't grow fast and I felt bloated and sluggish. Now, not only do I feel amazing, but I can actually see and feel the difference.

Your body doesn't really need much to operate and it's peak. Just keep it simple and the rest will fall into place.

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