Teach them the real gifts.

Often we want to give gifts or prizes to our children for doing well or being good. Like getting a bonus at work, we want to reward them. What if, instead of giving things, we gave them some of our gifts. I am quite proud to say that I have become a Grandma once again. Nothing is better than sharing a part of my time and knowledge with the next generation, by giving time and teaching them some of the pleasures and necessities in life.

Children want to please us and they really want to do grown up things with you. So, instead or rewarding them with candy or wasteful toys, why not let them cook dinner or learn how to sew on a button. Instead of giving them the things you may not have had as a child, perhaps you can teach them what you wish you had known while you were growing up.

My mission with my Grandchildren is to give them the gift of cooking and understanding nutrition. I feel that if they like to cook and have an interest in gardening and food, they will make wiser choices for their health and the well being of the planet. If they are taught to fend for themselves like how to change a tire or grow tomatoes, they will be stronger adults.

So the next time you want to reward your children, why not give them the gifts of your time and knowledge, because these are the things that they really want and will cherish for a lifetime.

Lots of Love XO

Heidi ( "Smukke" to my grandchildren)

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