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Kiss your Chapped Lips Goodbye

Water is a Key component to your health. Like a plant, we wilt without enough. For many years I waited tables, working late shifts and living off of coffee during the day and then a glass of wine or two to unwind in the evenings. In addition, I live in a very dry mountain climate. I figured my relentless chapped lips and dry cracked skin was due to the thin air I breathed. Then, I started this Craze Diet that required drinking loads of water and prohibited Alcohol and Coffee. Almost immediately, I saw enormous changes in my lips, skin, energy levels and bowels. A bonus was that my headaches all but disappeared.

Right in front of me was a key to so many of my health issues, simple WATER. I still use lip balm, but not because I have chapped lips, but because it just feels good. My skin, hair, nails and bowels are all much healthier as well. I am not saying that you should stop drinking coffee or wine, but at least hydrate your body, especially if you do choose to drink them.

Cheers to your Health !

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