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2018 is.....A Perfect time for Healing

Happy New Year to you. With the holidays over, many people look upon the New Year as a Fresh Start. We make promises to ourselves to eat better, lose weight, save money and so on. I believe that this is a perfect time for Healing.

The world needs our help, and there isn't a Better Time than Right Now! When we start to be kind and compassionate to others and to the environment, we will naturally start to be kind to ourselves. Healing can start by simply smiling. Healing can be as easy as making a promise to eat organic as much as possible, kind to you and the planet. Healing can be letting go of things you can not change or moving towards things that making you whole and happy.

Whatever it may be to begin Healing in 2018, make a commitment to this word. We need to start with ourselves, then watch as the healing becomes contagious.

Love, Light and Peace to you !

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