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Your Blood is the Highway to your health.

After food is digested in the stomach and moves into your intestines, the broken down particles are then absorbed from your intestines into the blood stream. The blood then carries needed nutrients like oxygen, minerals, vitamins, water to all of the vital organs. Your blood is the transportation system for life sustaining nutrients.

If your body continually has to remove foreign or harmful substances, like artificial colors, flavors, pesticides, allergens and so on, it can make it difficult to perform normal functions and repairs. This could eventually cause inflammation that leads to disease and illness.

Before you eat or drink something, ask yourself this question first.

“How will this food or drink nourish my body”? If you cannot think of at least 2 or 3 positive things it can do for your health, then you may want to choose a healthier option.

Just Food for Thought.

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