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What works for me in my Golden Years…

After struggling with a gradual weight gain of approximately 30 pounds over 3 years, I knew I had to make some changes. First it was to admit I was indeed getting older and could not continue to keep some of my old habits. Second was to come up with a game plan for my “Golden Years”. This would not be another 2 week crash diet to drop a quick 5 pounds like I was accustomed to. I had to find something I could live with into the Autumn days of my life.

After completing a 2 year course in Holistic Nutrition and a bit of trial and error I came up with a plan that works for me and might work for you. I call it The Pro-Plan. It’s a plan built around Clean, Organic Produce and Protein. Veggie protein works well too. I leave most processed foods out.

I have found that a diet loaded with lots of raw and lightly cooked veggies (mainly green ones), fruits and lean protein, nuts and seeds not only gives me loads of energy with a very strong immunity, but it also sustains my appetite and balances my moods and mind. Yes I make room for some carbs, like organic oats, sprouted bread, and occasional pasta, but I try to have most of them early in the day so that I burn it off. Carbs are the chosen energy source for the body, but if you don’t use them up, they get stored as Fat. Eating them earlier gets you through the day well.

The other part of the Pro-Plan is moving. Use it or you will lose it, so keep moving. Simple is good, walking, stretching, enjoying the sun on your face and getting some fresh air as often as possible. On my lunch break I walk, it's a time I cherish. It is a chance to breath under the sky and get a break from it all.

I like to think of this plan as HOME.

It’s the place I feel comfortable, happy, satisfied, and most like myself. When I venture away from HOME, for a special occasion and there always seems to be one, I simply get back on the path HOME to this plan that works for me. It’s not a diet, but just simple NewTrition and fuel.

Once you find a balance of healthy choices and feel really good, you won’t want to wonder of course very often. You have to love and respect the body you are living in, it’s the only one you get.

Happy Trails Dear Ones !

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