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Spring is just 32 days away…….

Spring is about new beginnings.

Let’s get ready for a Fresh New You.

I am excited to think of the all the adventures and projects that await this spring and fall, how about you?

Why not make yourself a priority and regain some energy and vitality.

Here is a suggestion to start each day with some positive fuel and a Boost of Energy.

A green smoothie…..I make this the majority of my mornings, after my early bird workouts.

1 Scoop of Veggie Protein Powder with greens.

1 Tsp. of Organic Chlorella

1 Handful of organic Spinach or other greens

1 whole fresh peeled tangerine or orange ( vit. C for winter)

1 Handful of organic frozen fruit

1 Tsp. of Flaxseed oil (organic cold pressed)

8 oz. of water.

Nothing says I care about my bodies health like some Healthy Fuel.

You won’t want to cave into a donut once you start off on a clean path.

E-mail me for my suggestions to best protein powders that I have discovered.

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