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I Felt this was such a great article, that I had to share the link. We are  a nation focused on Fat, but a bit of fat is essential to our health. Here is a link to Silvia Tara's great article about why fat is so important.

Newtrition is not just about Food. Newtrition is about Everything your body is exposed to, like Clean Air, Clean Water, Sleep and Exerciser. Your body needs all of these things to be Healthy, Happy and Balanced with Loads of Energy. If you focus on the Whole Picture for Holistic Healing you will indeed feel Onederful. 

Love and Light to you ! 

Spring is about new beginnings.

Let’s get ready for a Fresh New You.

I am excited to think of the all the adventures and projects that await this spring and fall, how about you?

Why not make yourself a priority and regain some energy and vitality.

Here is a suggestion to start each day with some positive fuel and a Boost of Energy.

A green smoothie…..I make this the majority of my mornings, after my early bird workouts.

1 Scoop of Veggie Protein Powder with greens.

1 Tsp. of Organic Chlorella

1 Handful of organic Spinach or other greens

1 whole fresh peeled tangerine or orange ( vit....

This week is all about LOVE XO ~ Perhaps the best person to give some lovin to is you ! 

Take care of your body, and it will certainly Love you right back ! 

True Love is so simple.......

Dip your favorite fresh or dried fruits into some melted organic chocolate for your loves on Valentines !

Hello ~ I'm happy you are here!

The NewTritionist site is here to simply help you feel the best that you possibly can in a challenging and demanding world.

I can help lead you on a path towards wellness that is balanced and full of Energy !

Here, I will share practical ideas, recipes and what I have discovered works in my own life for weight management, allergies, hormones, energy and just all around health.

Let's get it going !


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