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Often we want to give gifts or prizes to our children for doing well or being good. Like getting a bonus at work, we want to reward them. What if, instead of giving things, we gave them some of our gifts. I am quite proud to say that I have become a Grandma once again. Nothing is better than sharing a part of my time and knowledge with the next generation, by giving time and teaching them some of the pleasures and necessities in life.

Children want to please us and they really want to do grown up things with you. So, instead or rewarding them with candy or wasteful...

Happy New Year to you. With the holidays over, many people look upon the New Year as a Fresh Start. We make promises to ourselves to eat better, lose weight, save money and so on. I believe that this is a perfect time for Healing.

The world needs our help, and there isn't a Better Time than Right Now! When we start to be kind and compassionate to others and to the environment, we will naturally start to be kind to ourselves. Healing can start by simply smiling. Healing can be as easy as making a promise to eat organic as much as possible, kind to you and the planet. Heal...

Let the Eating Season begin !

It starts with Halloween candy and doesn't stop until January, at which point, many of us will make a promise to ourselves to change our ways in the New Year.

 Food unites us. It not only sustains and heals us, it gives us great pleasure. Food is what connects people to traditions and childhood memories. During the Holidays enjoy these wonderful gifts from family and friends, but keep this in mind, food can also be hugs.

It Heals, Unites, Gives and Sustains you. (HUGS) 

This Holiday, let food give you HUGS and Choose wisely, so...

Please don’t take your health or life for granted.

I continue to see people make unconscious or careless decisions with their bodies and the planet.

Eating processed and chemical laden foods, smoking, or abusing other indulgences.

These choices ultimately effect yours and the planets wellbeing.

Yes we all like to indulge and there always seems to be an occasion or excuse to do so. But even in these situations, more than likely, you have a healthier option.

One day you may find yourself fighting a preventable disease or feeling tired, heavy and sluggish. So, Starting Today…….why n...

It is so easy to blame our genetics or the food industry for our unhealthy bodies.The truth is we are the ones in charge of our well being. We need to trust in our Bodies, Trust in the choices we make. You do know what is best for you and this planet.

Our Amazing bodies don't need much, but they do need some basic things to be well and balanced. Sunshine, Clean Air,Clean Water, Clean Foods and some Love and Laughter. That is a pretty simple list for a very special life. 

If you just replace processed packaged foods with some fresher clean choices, you are on you...

Some days, you just need to Stop, Breath in deep, and take a break from it all. We are raised to be productive and busy, and if we aren't, we feel lazy. Honestly, we need to be lazy once in a while in order to be balanced and healthy. We need down time, alone time, and time to just be quite in our bodies. My favorite time alone is outdoors, swimming or sitting still. Being alone is when we can feel most at peace, not consumed by responsibility, or other people. This time allows us to be free to just be. So for the sake of your health, Stop and enjoy the peace within.

Newtrition is not just about Food. Newtrition is about Everything your body is exposed to, like Clean Air, Clean Water, Sleep and Exerciser. Your body needs all of these things to be Healthy, Happy and Balanced with Loads of Energy. If you focus on the Whole Picture for Holistic Healing you will indeed feel Onederful. 

Love and Light to you ! 

This week is all about LOVE XO ~ Perhaps the best person to give some lovin to is you ! 

Take care of your body, and it will certainly Love you right back ! 

Hello ~ I'm happy you are here!

The NewTritionist site is here to simply help you feel the best that you possibly can in a challenging and demanding world.

I can help lead you on a path towards wellness that is balanced and full of Energy !

Here, I will share practical ideas, recipes and what I have discovered works in my own life for weight management, allergies, hormones, energy and just all around health.

Let's get it going !


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