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Many of us are so busy trying to accomplish so many things on a daily basis, that we don't take the time to just sit and feel. We become good at ignoring what our bodies are trying to tell us. Perhaps we hear a slight whisper telling us something hurts or isn't quite right. Tired, exhausted and not feeling right, we tend to reach for comfort in the form of food, alcohol or drugs.

Your Amazing body is speaking to you and you owe it to your life to sit and listen carefully. If you take the time, you will hear it loud and clear. Perhaps it's just dehydrated or just needs some go...

We all have a special light in us. Some of us don't let it shine very often, and others walk around glowing their stuff. I believe that compliments go a long way in helping others shine. We live in a society, where pointing out the negative is so easy. What if we chose to find the good in people and things. It's easy to do once you remove judgement. 

Being healthy and whole, doesn't just stop with your food and exerciser, Love and Compassion are Vital nutrients as well . If you want to make the world a better place, try sharing goodness with others and help them shi...

I have been obsessed with my weight for as long as I can remember. I recently have come to terms with all of this nonsense. I decided that feeling good versus how much I weigh was the key. If you focus on feeling well, instead of looking perfect, you too may find that the weight balances itself. 

With my experience and education, I have come to discover that weight management and health, not only go hand in hand, but are Much simpler than we make it to be. I live on a Pro Diet. It's more of a life style than a diet, and very simple really. It's a very basic way of eating...

Water is a Key component to your health. Like a plant, we wilt without enough. For many years I waited tables, working late shifts and living off of coffee during the day and then a glass of wine or two to unwind in the evenings. In addition, I live in a very dry mountain climate. I figured my relentless chapped lips and dry cracked skin was due to the thin air I breathed. Then, I started this Craze Diet that required drinking loads of water and prohibited Alcohol and Coffee. Almost immediately, I saw enormous changes in my lips, skin, energy levels and bowels. A bonus was t...

Nutrition and what is our bodies need is much simpler than it seems. If you start reading about the latest Diet Crazes, or the newest Super Foods, it can become overwhelming to say the least. Should I cut out gluten, should I avoid all sugar, Vegan,

Low Fat??? What is Truly the best diet for your health?

Although there are many different health needs and environments that are part of the equation, the answers to a healthy life and body is truly quite simple. Eat lots of  Fresh and Organic produce whenever possible. Try to avoid too many processed foods. If you eat at meat and...

Good protein doesn't have to come from animals, many plants have a good amount of protein. Here is a link that shows many great sources of veggies that have protein.  


A big key to your health is your digestion. If you digest and absorb nutrients well, you have a better chance of maintaining your health. One way to have good digestion, is by eating Live Enzymes that are found in raw fruits and veggies. They have naturally occurring enzymes that support the body in breaking down and digesting foods.

Good Digestion is important so that you can better absorb vital nutrients. This can help the body in its basic functions to maintain health.

Organic and raw Tropical fruits are a Great Source of Live Enzymes. Pineapple, Papaya, and Mango are...

Every Dollar you spend is a Vote for that product. Let the food industry know you care about the environment and your health. Buy wisely.

Here is a link to a great Clean 15 and Dirty 12 produce from the Environmental Working Group.


After food is digested in the stomach and moves into your intestines, the broken down particles are then absorbed from your intestines into the blood stream. The blood then carries needed nutrients like oxygen, minerals, vitamins, water to all of the vital organs. Your blood is the transportation system for life sustaining nutrients. 

If your body continually has to remove foreign or harmful substances, like artificial colors, flavors, pesticides, allergens and so on, it can make it difficult to perform normal functions and repairs. This could eventually cause infla...

In my maturity, I have come to realize that if you only focus on how you look, you’re missing the bigger picture. It is far better to focus on how you are feeling. Are you feeling energized, rested and clear headed? Is your skin supple, are your bowels regular and do you move easily? 

These are much better things to focus on. If you pay attention to what your body is asking for, the look will be more Radiant, Glowing, Bouncy and Beautiful.   

 Just "Food for Thought" ~XO   

After struggling with a gradual weight gain of approximately 30 pounds over 3 years, I knew I had to make some changes. First it was to admit I was indeed getting older and could not continue to keep some of my old habits. Second was to come up with a game plan for my “Golden Years”. This would not be another 2 week crash diet to drop a quick 5 pounds like I was accustomed to. I had to find something I could live with into the Autumn days of my life.

After completing a 2 year course in Holistic Nutrition and a bit of trial and error I came up with a plan that w...

I Felt this was such a great article, that I had to share the link. We are  a nation focused on Fat, but a bit of fat is essential to our health. Here is a link to Silvia Tara's great article about why fat is so important.


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